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Revenge, Season 1. HD; CC When it comes to revenge, money is no object, because only an eye for an eye will ever make things right. EPISODE 2.

In its screen, in its hardware, in its storage, in fact in every category the HTC beats the Nokia. But while the HTC clearly has the better selfie camera tech, you could argue that Nokia's selfie software is easier to use without going too far and, given the lower price, we reckon it'll be more appealing to its target market.

Nokia 2.1 Smartphone Review

Both phones, though, will help you take a much better selfie. Its selfie-orientated front-facing camera is great, but it's certainly not a must have, and you might just find yourself wishing you had more apps to play with. Well-built with lots of app extras, an operating system which is become more user friendly and flexible, and higher-end features like wireless charging, 4G and NFC to its name, the Lumia is, for this reviewer, the best of the lower cost Lumia range.

After all, while we might not know the exact UK pricing, we expect the Desire Eye to be around double the price of the Nokia Lumia In its screen, in its hardware, in its storage, in fact in every category the HTC beats the Nokia - except one: While the HTC has the better selfie camera tech, we think the Nokia has the better selfie software and, given the lower price, we reckon it'll be more appealing to its target market. Given the low- to mid-range price its performance is sufficient, and we appreciate the extras such as microSD support, Qi wireless charging and 4G LTE.

We just hope the Lumia Denim update fires up that camera a bit quicker.

Nokia 1 Smartphone Review

It has two good cameras, it looks smart and there lots of things to like about Windows Phone if you spend a little time with it. We prefer it to its most immediate Android alternatives, such as the Sony Xperia M2. A very good phone for sharing photos, but less so for games. But if you don't play games there are few reasons not to buy one. Nokia Lumia Gadgetguy The Nokia1 provides more than I expected.

Nokia 1 - yvahonicuxuq.gq External Reviews

It is a competent phone, hardy, the screen is OK, and battery life should give a full hour day. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: The Android Go edition needs some more work Source: The Indian Express Nokia 1 might seem like a good proposition on paper, especially with Android Go edition. However, the phone is hard to recommend as it fails to impress when it comes to actual performance. Nokia 1 faces solid competition from Redmi 5A which one can get for under Rs 5, in offline markets , which has better performance in a similar price range. The only highlight here is the stock Android version of Oreo Go edition, though the price makes this seem expensive compared to the competition.

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Nokia 1 — Australian Review Source: Nokia 1 review: Hands-on Source: The idea here is good, offering more available storage and data saving apps. Sydney Morning Herald But, on the other hand, there are no other such phones being sold at retailers in Australia. The only alternative would be to hit up eBay for a used Samsung Galaxy S4 or similar, and while that would certainly get you as nicer screen, more competent camera and similar performance compared to the Nokia 1, you'd also be stuck on Android 5.

Fone Arena The Nokia 1 is a good smartphone for those who want an upgrade from a feature phone segment. At a price of Rs. With extra Rs. Single Review, online available, Long, Date: Retro Design… and Performance too Source: Tech PP Its intentions may be noble, its design might be delightfully retro, and the brand behind it might be formidable, but the Nokia 1 has definitely got its work cut out if it wants to be your first smartphone.

Not ready to Go just yet Source: India Today The Nokia 1 just doesn't offer a lot for its asking price. And pricing is perhaps my biggest issue with the phone. But at Rs 5,, the company is playing with fire because at this price, the Nokia 1 will compete against phones like Redmi 5A and The Nokia 1 stands nowhere close, and while it does promise timely Android updates, that's probably not enough to attract the highly-competitive budget market.

Nokia Battery Monitor (N8/5800)

Android Go has a lot of potential Source: HMD hasn't detailed availability plans for the U. In the meantime, if you're looking for an Android Go phone in the U. If this smartphone had been priced somewhere in the vicinity of 3, to 4, rupees, it could have been a viable option for feature phone users looking to upgrade. Jio users can take a look at the cashback offer which effectively drops the price of the phone down to Rs 3,, but others should definitely take a long, hard look at the competition before parting with their hard-earned cash, as there are plenty of other options in the sub-Rs.

Best low-end phone ever? Android Authority The Nokia 1 is an inexpensive Android smartphone, and you very much get what you pay for. If you have a bit more extra cash, I would suggest getting the Nokia 3. The device is definitely usable; you can check your email, use social media, and even play games. Look out for a full review soon. Hands on: Nokia 1 review Source: Techradar The Nokia 1 offers something rather special - a solid Android smartphone experience for a feature phone price.

Moreover, fine details look blurry, but photos generally look ok when they are not looked at closely. Macro shots look better though, with there being visible separations between colours and objects. Fine details lack clarity again with objects outside the area of focus often looking blurry in the resulting photo. The 8 MP rear-facing camera takes surprisingly good low-light photos though. Colours and objects in focus are recognisable, although the latter is noticeably blurry.

The rear-facing camera has the same camera options as the front-facing sensor.

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Videos look as good as photos, but the image stabiliser ensures that videos track smoothly even in low-light. The default camera also has time-lapse and slow-motion features, but there are no image customisation options. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window.

The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. We also subjected the Nokia 2. Generally, our test device reproduces colours too darkly, as demonstrated by the ColorChecker Passport chart to the right. The 8 MP rear-facing camera captures our test chart well though. Details and fine structures are reproduced clearly at the centre of the photo, but the chart looks visibly blurrier at the edges of the photo.

Colours are also rather dark, while the bottom corners look paler than the rest of the image too. Nokia sells cases and general smartphone accessories on its website too. The app works just as well as it does on other devices. The touchscreen on our test device reacted quickly throughout testing and accurately reproduced our inputs on-screen.

The display finish is too rough for our liking though and makes repeated multi-finger gestures a chore. By contrast, we had no such issues with the accelerometer, which reliably adjusted the orientation of the display during our tests. We doubt whether most people would notice the difference in brightness uniformity between the Nokia 2. The display also uses pulse-width modulation PWM to regulate brightness, which can cause some people to experience eye strain and headaches. We measure PWM at 2, Hz on our test device, which should be high enough not to trouble most people. Those who are PWM sensitive should bear this in mind though when deciding whether to buy the Nokia 2.

In comparison: If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: Our test device has a commendably low 0. We also analysed our test device with CalMAN analysis software, which demonstrated that the display has a blue tint to it.

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Unfortunately, there are no display colour modes or an adjustable colour temperature to mitigate the blue tint. However, we struggled to read the display in bright sunlight as it simply does not get bright enough to overcome any reflections that the glossy display finish attracts. Our test device has stable viewing angles, thanks to its IPS display. We noticed no colour or image distortions even at acute viewing angles. Reflections can obstruct what is being displayed onscreen, but the Nokia 2. The hardware combination is basic and struggles with running numerous background apps or those which are computationally intensive.

Moreover, some of the benchmarks that we usually subject our test devices to did not work on the Nokia 2. Our selection of comparison tables is therefore rather sparse.

However, our test device frequently finished second to the Honor 7A in those that did work. Our test device even finished top of our Mozilla Kraken 1. Our test device loads websites quickly in daily use and scrolling felt smooth throughout testing. Media content sometimes needs a few moments more to load though. However, the 8 GB of eMMC flash storage does not offer much space for user apps or data, so we would recommend using a microSD card where possible.

HMD Global states that the Nokia 2. Unfortunately, we could not format our Toshiba Exceria Pro M reference card as internal storage, which meant that we could only save apps to the paltry 8 GB of internal storage. The microSD card reader is on par with our comparison devices though, and is well above average. The Adreno GPU is powerful enough for some games, but only older titles or those with low graphics requirement.

Complex games such as " Asphalt 9: Legends" are out of the question, with graphics errors occurring at the start of the game. The game subsequently crashed too. Our test device never felt overly warm during testing regardless of how hard we pushed it.

The speakers under-represent mid-high tones as demonstrated by our speaker graphs, while mid and ultra-high tones dominate audio playback. Overall, we would recommend using the speakers only for occasional audio playback and would suggest using external speakers or headphones for prolonged listening sessions. The integrated 3. The included headphones sound rather bass-heavy for our liking, but they are good enough for listening to music.

The over-representation of bass tones makes voices sound noticeably dampened though. Our test device consumes a minimum of 0. Our test device finished well ahead of the Honor 7A , Gigaset GS and Wiko Jerry3 , but it fell just short of the Nokia 2, which lasted for an extra 21 minutes with its mAh larger battery. The included W charger takes around four hours to fully recharge our test device. The charger is also powerful enough to keep charging the device even when we subjected it to a stress test.

The device is powerful enough for most everyday applications such as WhatsApp and even some light gaming.

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However, buyers should be aware that there is only 8 GB of internal storage and apps cannot be stored on a microSD card.