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So now, a new chart has been concocted which compares and contrasts iOS 6 with Android 4.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean vs iOS 6 vs Windows Phone 8

So, what will be new once these upcoming OSes are released? This means that the OS will heavily share code with its desktop counterpart networking and multimedia code is pretty much the same across platforms , and it will take advantage of many under the hood performance enhancements made in Windows 8 for mobile devices. Apps can be easily ported across platforms, and desktop-grade features such as UEFI secure boot, BitLocker, and a more phone-optimized version of Internet Explorer 10 are all made possible because of this.

Put simply, Windows Phone will become more of a brother to Windows 8 than a cousin. Also coming to the Windows Phone platform is a revamped, more useful version of Tellme, smaller home screen tiles, the phasing out of the Zune services with Xbox-branded media services taking its place, OTA updates, and NFC support, among other things.

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As you can see, some pretty major improvements are coming to Windows Phone. So major, in fact, that the update will not be able to run on existing devices.

BlackBerry has finally rejoined the mobile OS party, but can it compete?

There are a few improvements that we were unable to really mention on the chart. Notifications have also been revamped. Also, Google has concocted its own voice assistant to rival Siri dubbed Google Now. Today's smartphones are slowly taking on more features of PCs than phones — and none more so than the recent release of Windows Phone 8.

Android Jelly Bean, iOS 6 & Windows Phone 8 Comparison

You could put this down to hardware, with high end phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X both powered by quad core processors, but the software is also continually evolving to support it. Windows Phone 8 builds upon the easy to recognise system of "Live Tiles".

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean vs iOS 6 vs Windows Phone 8 – The Ultimate Comparison

To those unfamiliar, these are squares placed on the home screen that represent different apps, such as a music player or for messaging, that are interactive. Whilst remaining fundamentally the same, updates from the Windows Phone 7 interface now bring more customisable tiles, to allow you to squeeze even more onto your screen.

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Another major update sees the company bringing in data management via DataSmart, which perfect for those on limited contracts. Android 4. Widgets have been always been the heart of the Android OS, and Jelly Bean makes these easier to move, with homescreens adapting to accommodate the placement and resizing of your widgets.

Android Jelly Bean vs iOS 6 vs Windows Phone 8

These are also easily removed with a quick swipe upwards in edit mode. Apple uses a tried and trusted formula, based upon simplicity. No widgets, no tiles, just a grid of app icons that you scroll through from the home page. Each iteration has added greater functionality, with iOS 6 strengthening Siri and even locking children out of certain areas. Integrating with Google Now, the mapping system continues the sat-nav experience for both pedestrians and motorists, providing details of how and when to leave to get to your appointments on time.

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  • Windows Phone 8 surprisingly ditches Microsoft's proprietary Bing Maps. On the other hand, its new system is hardly shocking. This all changes with iOS 6, with Apple's new proprietary system providing turn by turn navigation, integration with Yelp for business listings, and Siri for voice control. Like the others, there are also 3D maps, a traffic service and a satellite view.