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Now I have 2 working lcd screens but no backlight. As far as I can tell the connectors on the main board are in good shape. I'm tempted to pull out the main board I am a mechanical engineer and look for obvious water damage, but I haven't done it yet. I would like to know if you have any idea what is wrong if it is not the lcd, and approximately how much the repair would cost.

Backlight Repair 6r8 Coil replacement/services for iPhone 3gs

After we look at it we could quote you the cost for repair, usually same day service on the iPhones. Hope that helps! Im in greece and had my iphone in my pocket when I was splashed by a small amount of water. Now the back light wont work.

6r8 Backlight Coil For iPhone 3GS (Repairs No Backlight)

I tried to see if I can get it repaired here and no one will do it. What is the fix for this? New LCD assembly? Ive read this plugs in to the mother board with cables. Can I order from you guys? For the last several days the backlight has been completely out. I've tried all of the fixes I've seen listed: I am considering replacing the display, but I remember fixing a laptop once that had the same problem.

That required a new power inverter board for the screen. I hear that as these are high voltage, they are most likely to blow due to moisture. Do you know if the iPhone 3GS has a similar inverter exterior to the screen? I'd hate to replace the screen and find that wasn't the problem.

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Thanks, -James. That laptop if an old one probably had a cold cathode lamp or something like that for the backlight, thus the high voltage. The backlight on the iphone and most smaller and some big lcd screens are done with white light LEDs now, so they run off of low voltage. I have a broken 3gs backlight after trying to put a 3g lcd screen in it oops.

I am researching the repair. Most of what I have found is pretty cryptic and short on measurements so far.

6r8 coil and 109 Backlight IC replacement iPhone 3gs backlight Repair tutorial by CyberDocLLC part 2

I have seen on a website that you have researched this quite a lot. I have the same problem you had, I changed the 6R8 coil and the backlight still doesn't work. I have an iphone 3g 8gig that got wet. There is also an independent track from the S PMIC to the LCD connector which is involved in backlight control, and this should be checked with a multimeter for continuity as well.

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Power on phone, remove screen, and do lite test at pin 3 of 1 LCD connector on board. If there is power If not, troubleshoot backlite curcuit. Philipp Hilbert. I'm interested to find out how exactly to do the said lite test at pin 3 of 1. Zoltan Barabas.

SOLVED: Bad backlight on water-damaged iPhone - iPhone 3GS - iFixit

Please help me about my problem, what's maybe just partially bit offtopic, because I have a Lenovo phone, not an iPhone. I searching. Below image from boot screen. Normally all of screen must be black, excluded Lenovo logo, and slogan. All others seen is are remaining from the earlier session.

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Brad Rep: And, of course, the screen itself may be faulty. Was this answer helpful? Score 4.

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Chuck Rep: I specifically buy 3gs iphones with DIM screens no backlite to repair. In my opinion, here are the most common causes: Bad LCD 3.