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Revenge, Season 1. HD; CC When it comes to revenge, money is no object, because only an eye for an eye will ever make things right. EPISODE 2.

Two and a half years? Less of an overhaul? By putting Windows and Live together we've given ourselves the ability to have rhythms. Live will have a rhythm, the OS will have a longer rhythm. Supporting the many-core architectures, we'll have a variety of speeds releasing key technologies to the Windows technology. So you have this thing called Windows Live -- it's a bunch of web products and services.

It seems to be a marketing rebranding and some new products Is there really a relationship besides the name? A lot of the core services in this day and age with an OS we think of as Live, this will iterate and update frequently There's always a chicken and egg. Is it better to state the direction first?

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Do you run into a dilemma with Windows Live services -- Silverlight But if you're gonna do web-based it can't only work on Windows.. Some things should only work on Windows, some things work cross-playform We need to be able to support both models of development. So the biz model that got MS where it is is pure software, someone else makes the hardware Talk to me about that. People kept saying "don't do enterprise software!

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But we're staking out new businesses. It's key to our long term growth and vibrance. There are exciting new technologies we want to bring to market that don't follow the desktop software business model. We want to build these two muscles.

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  • That is critical to our success. That's one of the most unique things about MS -- multiple muscles that let us bring these exciting technologies to market. You have to do that though -- Google on advertising, Sony and Apple on the electronics. But this is not what years ago people thought MS would be doing. But if we're not willing to grow new business muscle -- not just technology muscle Why don't we take a look at the product you brought here this morning? It's MS built hardware and software and web services, so it's all three legs. This is D Here's the difference, you have to PAY to show your products at Demo oooooooohs!

    I was kidding, but Apple has shown this kind of stuff in the iPhone. HP has shown this kind of tech Everyone's doing this We feel really good about our IP position. But multitouch in general has been in academia for decades, as a concept it's been around for a very long time. What's unique what we're doing is adding into the user experience.

    Just placed a camera on the surface, photo pulled down wirelessly instantly. That was pretty impressive! Showing scratch and win application for Harrah's, exploring Harrah's casino properties. The inch formfactor was what tested best, but there aren't any constraints to the scale of the Surface display size. Showing the T-Mobile demo. Laughter, applause. The T-Mobile demo is really great. Very nice to watch cellphone plans dragged onto a real phone and watch a customer's invoice created. Is there a concern that it doesn't have staying power?

    That it's not just a novelty? Showing a video puzzle. That is nuts.

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    Clear tiles each playing its own video clip, rotating and movable. Wow, no issues during that demo! So why are you building this product?

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    Why wouldn't you just build the software and have Dell or someone build the thing? There are a lot of unknowns in the business model We're open and flexible. Why do you keep losing share in search to them? This has been a high priority Well, we had to launch our search product But we're well down the learning curve, the relevance of our searches are going up.

    Search is one of the stagnant areas. We're in the game, but we've got a lot of work to do.

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    I would have hoped to be a little higher today, but it doesn't diminish our determination to invest, succeed, find the right path forward. Talk about the advertising piece -- you're now an ad company with the acquisition. Why are you in that biz? A few things to think about. Media advertising and entertainment will be most transformed by the internet. All media will be delivered via IP -- big growth opportunity. Increasingly software experiences will be advertising-funded. The killer app of the advertising business today is search.

    We need to be in the app layer in search and portal. We need to reach out to publishers. We need to drive an ecosystem on the application side and on the platform side. It's interesting to rank search share, but it's also interesting to rank advertising share. We're the 3 player in the marketplace today All of us understand over time there will be a system that sits between people who have audience and people who want to do commerce.

    That system will give you a listing, a picture or display ad, a video ad, it will have a lot of intelligence about buyers and users, and make those up in interesting ways. The ways it makes those up -- subject of course to privacy oversight -- will be intelligent. The mango update has enabled multitasking and improved the overall experience, enabling some add on to a package already running solid Office and Organizer credentials and a deep social network integration.

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    The HTC Titan is fast, responsive and well connected. The Titan lives up to its name. With dimensions The slimness and good use of space around the display, makes the HTC one good smartphone available in the market. View the discussion thread. Welcome to the first instalment of an 8-part blog series we're calling "The Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8.

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